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Diverse Voices runs weekly after-school classes in either Drama, Dance, Singing, Musical Instruments or a combination.

Diverse Voices operates from many schools and venues across London and Greater London. We offer part-time after school workshops for children and young people aged 4-16 years, therefore there is always a class perfect for any of your budding performers.

Clubs include:
  • Drama
  • Street dance
  • Singing
  • Musical Instruments

The clubs would run on a weekly basis after school and would take the following format:

  • Warm up (Physical or Vocal)
  • Main activity
  • Showing of what has been learnt
  • Cool down

Students will receive the attention, energy and enthusiasm they deserve from highly experienced, working professionals in the industry, all of which have been actively involved in, or currently are involved in, professional performance. All of our teachers are enhanced CRB checked and First Aid trained. Our clubs use the power of performing arts to assist all aspects of each student’s education. Our fresh new approach compliments and enriches The National Curriculum in Schools, meeting objectives in the areas of literacy, numeracy, Music and Personal/Social education.

During each term student’s imaginations will soar, their creative talents will bloom and their focus and vocabulary improve. At the end of each term students get the fantastic opportunity to present a professional performance for family and friends. There will also be opportunities to perform at public events hosted by Diverse Voices. Our classes can run the length of a term, or half term, as we always tailor the courses to meet each schools specific needs.


Diverse Voices Choir workshops are for all ages, it is ideal for those passionate about singing and wanting to improve their confidence and ability. They are delivered by fully enhanced DBS checked singers, songwriters, vocal coaches and pianists, who are all industry professionals, some of which have credits on pop albums such as Peter Andre's Angels.

The Choir club would run on a weekly basis after school for an hour and would take the following format:
  • Warm up games
  • Teaching songs and actions
  • Recap
  • Cool down

Participants will make progress during the course in their vocal range, learning breath control, how to sing harmonies, as well as developing confidence in performing as each term would accumulate in them taking the stage to showcase their talents. Whether a budding singer, or just a music lover, this will bring young people together as they enjoy singing along to popular songs, recent and classics.


Our pool of talented musicians can offer individual or group instrumental lessons on a wide range of instruments, we also offer a number of weekend or after school clubs aimed at developing young peoples performance skills. ‘Band Practice’ is aimed at giving young people the opportunity to develop as performers playing a variety of songs in different genre’s from week to week in a band format. Participants will develop their instrumental skills, performance techniques & showcase their material at the end of the course. This is perfect for young people already capable of playing an instrument to any level, whether beginners or advanced, they will have a vital part to play in the collective experience.


Our after school drama club lasts one hour once a week. The course is designed for groups of fifteen to twenty students, in which our teacher can work unassisted. Alternatively, if we provide an assistant, the group can include up to thirty students. This is an ideal after school activity or a school-hours drama club for pupils who will benefit from ‘special time’ away from the classroom.

Themes include:
  • Traditional Tales
  • Around the World
  • Dramatic Techniques
  • Devising Original Performance
  • Adapting Existing Text

Students learn the importance of collaboration when devising a piece of work, enhancing their communication and co-operation skills. Some time in every lesson is devoted to developing and rehearsing a short drama, which students present to parents and teachers during the final session of the term.


Diverse Voices Street Dance workshops are energetic and enjoyable! They are delivered by fully enhanced DBS checked industry professionals, some of which have appeared on Britains Got Talent, UK feature film Streetdance 3D, featured in the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and are members of recognised dance groups such as Unity, Flawless and Peridot. Every child can participate in one of our workshops regardless of age and ability. Street Dance for younger ones provides bundles of energy and enthusiasm; encourages self expression, develops technique, co-ordination and confidence. Children will learn street dance moves to the latest dance tunes. Street Dance will stimulate, captivate and enlighten each child, as well as improving fitness, co-ordination and developing a sense of rhythm and creative expression. Our Street dance workshops are dynamic and help children communicate through the medium of dance, as well as teaching them about different cultures and periods in history.

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Clients Testimonials

Brentford School For Girls In June 2012 Diverse Voices were invited to Brentford School for Girls to run a Dance and Drama workshop as part of Media Arts Week. They were professional, enthusiastic and had built a memorable relationship with the students.  The team did a fantastic job creating an inclusive environment and inspiring the young people involved in their workshop to discover their inner creativity...   view all »
Lammas School Logo I have used Diverse Voices on numerous occasions over the past four years. They came highly recommended by the PSHE, Citizenship and Community Cohesion leads in the borough and I have always found their work to be of the highest quality and the highest value. They have supported work directly in Drama and PSHE, two areas for which I have had responsibility. They present thoughtful, intelligent and (most importantly) accessible work that engages the students and enhances their learning and understanding...   view all »
Barclay Primary School Logo Just a huge thank you to you and the other members of your team for the highly successful Anti Racism Workshops you ran in our Year 5 and Year 6. You took the issues that we raised as a school, turned them into playlets and dealt with them sensitively in the format of performance, workshops and performance with changed outcomes suggested by pupils. There is always a very fine line in educating on a subject such as this and you did this exceedingly well...   view all »
London Borough of Newham Diverse Voices have delivered two performances at our Pupil Referral Unit and on both occassions staff and students gave positive feedback. We found the performances to be very current, relevant and the delivery was pitched perfectly for our cohort. The performers were very skilled in encouraging the students to engage in both the performances and the workshops that followed...   view all »
London Borough of Waltham Forest Logo To whom it may concern Diverse Voices has been working with us at the KS3 PRU for over a year. They provide a reliable and well planned drama programme which compliments our curriculum. Sessions are well structured and lead. Our pupils thoroughly enjoy taking part. As well as providing opportunities for English Speaking and Listening National Curriculum Level Assessments, these sessions build towards performances which are then shared with the rest of the school...   view all »
London Borough of Islington Logo 'At first I was unsure of how the children would respond to the Diverse Voices programme, since they all suffer low self-esteem and have difficulties with conflict, which poses a challenge when they are all together in a group, but I was very pleasantly surprised! Dwayne and Alex proved to be excellent facilitators, with strong presence, and they established respect from the children very quickly. Most importantly, the children showed immense enjoyment and complete engagement each session...   view all »
Babcock Partners in Education Diverse Voices are a unique theatre company - hugely creative and adaptable. The group have performed and facilitated workshops around risk taking behaviours in a variety of settings including our annual Teen Voices Conference. They have the ability to engage extremely effectively with young people including some of the most vulnerable and challenging. The drama experience they provide is consistently of a high standard, engaging and relevant to young people...   view all »
Box 4 Life Diverse Voices connect to young people with a rare ease, and use their engaging and entertaining skills with subtlety, to draw young people’s thinking and behaviour towards life-affirming choices. They offer a unique and effective way for drama and the performing arts to foster social and emotional...   view all »
Connaught School For Girls As head of cpshee, the performance and workshops covered a whole range of issues that we needed covering in terms of the curriculum. A great deal of what was mentioned managed to explore the key aspects of sex education and drugs education. The performance also developed into issues around peer pressure, gangs, self-esteem and self image, as well as mental health issues...   view all »
New Rush Hall DIVERSE VOICES provided a program of workshops for our students here at Constance Bridgeman Centre Redbridge, for 12 weeks. Their focus, which we had previously agreed, was to address relevant issues for 14 – 16 year old students – peer pressure, bullying, lifestyle choices etc. They quickly developed positive relationships with the students and were able to encourage them to engage the in classroom based activities, including role play and discussion...   view all »
Newham London Diverse Voices have delivered two performances at our Pupil Referral Unit and on both occasions the staff and students gave positive feedback. We found the performances to be very current, relevant and the delivery was pitched perfectly for our cohort. The performers were very skilled in encouraging the students to engage in both the performances and the workshops that followed...   view all »
Waltham Forest In August 2013, Diverse Voices joined forces with the Youth Offending Service’s Voices in Partnership (VIP) group to plan and deliver peer led group work to young people in the criminal justice system. Over six weeks, Diverse Voices and the VIP formulated an interactive drama and discussion based programme on healthy relationships. This is the first peer led group managed by entirely by young facilitators who had also gone through the criminal justice system and the project proved to be a great success...   view all »
Stoke Newington School Diverse Voices worked closely with our Year Nine students and delivered an excellent and truly inspiring six week workshop with a final five star performance with the young people of Stoke Newington School. The students and teachers where blown away when students and Diverse Voices performed a play that they had written about the different scenarios young people are faced with in school, and life. We would definitely welcome them in again...   view all »
Hackeny Quest We first met Alex and Dwayne from Diverse Voices in early 2012 and were immediately impressed by their passion and enthusiasm to share their love of drama with young people in an inspiring and motivating way. They came along with 3 others and performed at our Keep the Peace event in Hackney and blew away the audience with their drama performance about the effects of living life in a gang. It was funny and real and everyone...   view all »